Father Dagnaud's goals

When Father Pierre-Marie Dagnaud took over the duties of Father Blanche, a turning point in Collège Sainte-Anne's history began to unfold. Nothing can deny this man's devotion towards the Acadians. He was a well educated and intelligent man who wanted much for them whom he believed were threatened by assimilation. In the book Sainte-Anne: collège et université 1890-1990, his tasks are clearly listed. He had to ensure active college  participation in committees and conventions concerning the college's curriculum, as well as prepare reading books for schools and assure the active presence of the Acadian people in both college and community activities.

Father Dagnaud's interest in Acadian education prompted him to assist in numerous conferences on the subject. He quickly became recognized as a spokesman for the Acadian cause. In an attempt to help Acadians to affirm themselves, he saw it as necessary to fight against assimilation at all costs and to strenghten the French character of the institution. With the publication of Quatrième livre de lecture - À travers le Canada, Father Dagnaud attempted to put at the Acadians' disposition a reading book because these were rare and yet absolutely necessary pedagogical tools. Father Dagnaud was more concerned about the Acadian cause than Father Blanche because he wanted to increase enrolment while at the same time maintaining the College's Acadian and Francophone character. Pierre-Marie Dagnaud left Church Point in the spring of 1908 to take over the duties of Father Levallois as provincial vicar of the Eudists priests in Canada. At that moment, Father Patrice-Alexandre Chiasson took over as Superior of Collège Sainte-Anne.

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