Physical aspects of the College during Dagnaud's mandate

When fire destroyed the first College in 1899, Father Blanche stayed until August to supervise the construction of the second one. However, he would leave before the final construction was complete.

The College built after the fire in 1899
The chapel on the second floor of the College

Father Dagnaud arrived at the end of August and took over as Superior of the College, therefore he supervised the final phase of construction. In September, the new College opened its doors to its first students. The building was one storey higher than the first structure had been and had a chapel on the second floor. To this day, it remains a part of Université Sainte-Anne.

Not only did Father Dagnaud supervise the reconstruction of the College, but he also supervised the building of the new church. This church is today's Église Sainte-Marie in Church Point, Nova Scotia. Construction began in 1903 and ended in 1905 and it replaced Father Sigogne's small church across the road.

Later, in 1907, the wood from Sigogne's church was used to build a convent for the Sisters Les Soeurs des Saints-Coeurs de Jésus et Marie, the sisterhood that assisted the Eudists in their educational efforts.

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