The College during Dagnaud's mandate


By the end of the 1899 school year, student discipline was quickly deteriorating, therefore, Father Blanche reinforced rules and regulations to restore order at the school. In the book Sainte-Anne: collège et université 1890-1990, Blanche was quoted as saying that Father Conan and Father Haquin "had a disastrous influence on the children." For these reasons, discipline during Dagnaud's time was a subject of great concern.


The College had a staff of fourteen professors but the variety of courses it offered would have necessitated more personnel. Collège Sainte-Anne was also on a wave of development at the extra-curricular level. Literary circles were organized while music and theatre were gaining importance.


Dagnaud also worked on the academic aspects of the College. He wanted to improve the unbalanced classical course and counter the negative effects caused by the presence of the Academy. In 1906-1907, he managed to improve the courses offered by adding classes in literary history and chemistry. In turn, a course in architectural design was dropped.

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