College and University

The history of Université Sainte-Anne begins in 1880 and extends to the present day. This University is one of two French universities east of Québec whose goal is to promote Acadian cultural identity.The project entitled Mémorial Sigogne initiated the onset of the Collège Sainte-Anne which later became Université Sainte-Anne.The University confronted many obstacles and endured many sacrifices throughout the years in order to achieve its place in society. Let's examine some important people and events that had an impact on the University's history.

Table of Contents

The Foundation: 1890 to 1908

The founding and the Eudist Fathers

ball Contributing factors and key figures

The arrival of Fathers Blanche and Morin

ballThe College during Blanche's mandate Father Dagnaud's goals

The College during Dagnaud's mandate Physical aspects of the College during Dagnaud's mandate

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